3 Paardekens


The 33 rooms of Hotel 3 Paardekens have been completely modernized and refurbished in 2010. Everything will be prepared to welcome you with the comfort of a three star hotel. The reception desk is a sign of its grandeur in the past. On the ground floor offers a living area with flat TV, bar with table service and toilet. The authentic glazed breakfast area on the top floor, just below the S. Rumoldo tower, is the pride of the hotel.

sadie singh

Good peace of mind, we needed rest! thanksgiving

logan curtis

In general all cinematic, we can't say anything bad hotel

hector duran

Unfortunately we arrived about 1 hour late to the lodging, the truth is that we were super tired, but it was to open the door and feel like we were coming to an oasis, the owners were super attentive to everything, incredible breakfast!

aminadabe da rocha

Thanks for everything, it's a great hotel!

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